The Biggest Sports Stadiums in Europe

There are several stadiums in Europe that hosts a vast selection of sporting events, ranging from football through to cricket. These stadiums can seat thousands of spectators on any given day, making the sport more enjoyable and thrilling to watch as opposed to watching your favourite sport at home. However, there are a handful of stadiums that are gigantic in every aspect of the word, and it’s for this reason that we decided to create a list of the biggest sports stadiums in Europe.

Camp Nou – Barcelona, Spain

The Camp Nou stadium is considered the biggest on the European continent. It’s essentially a football stadium which is home to the Barcelona football club. Despite the name, you’ll be surprised to learn that the stadium is not that new. It initially opened in 1957 and expanded during 1982. It was also renovated during 2008. It’s also considered the most famous stadium in the world and is one of the best attractions if you consider yourself a Barcelona fan. It comes with a 99,354 seat capacity.

Wembley Stadium – London, England

The Wembley Stadium is regarded as the second biggest stadium in Europe and is not too far from Camp Nou. It’s the biggest stadium in the United Kingdom and can seat up to 90,000 people. The stadium was initially opened in 2007 and hosts a number of sports, including rugby and football games as well as several concerts.

Croke Park – Dublin, Ireland

The Croke Park stadium situated in Dublin, Ireland was initially established in 1884 and received several renovations during 2004. The stadium is owned and operated by the Gaelic Athletic Association which hosts Gaelic games more than anything else. The most important sporting events held at this stadium include the Gaelic football annual finals as well as hurling. It’s considered the biggest sports stadium that doesn’t host any football games and has a seating capacity of 82,300.

Stade de France – Paris, France

Construction for this enormous stadium started in 1995, and it was only completed during 1998 just in time for the FIFA World Cup final. The stadium plays host to concerts, rugby, football, and several other sporting events. It is also the only stadium in the world that has played host to both the Rugby World Cup final and the Football World Cup final. The only tenants at the stadium include the national rugby team and the national football team of France. The stadium can seat up to 81,338 people.

Santiago Bernabeu – Madrid, Spain

The Santiago Bernabeu stadium is situated in the heart of the Spanish capital and was initially constructed in 1944. The stadium opened its doors in 1947. Since then, its received several renovations over the years and continues to be a popular stadium for sports enthusiasts around the world. From the start, Real Madrid, as well as the Spanish football team, has been its only tenants. If you love Spanish football, this is the best place to witness your favourite team.