The Dominican Republic Eases Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

uis Abinader Corona, the President of the Dominican Republic, revealed that his government had created a series of initiatives that are designed to assist with the challenges their nations tourism industry is facing. These measures are meant to overcome the COVID-19 Pandemic & it’s onslaught of symptoms, guarantying that employed personnel in the tourism industry are protected. This extends towards guests.

Named “The Responsible Recovery of Tourism”, President Luis Abinader will head the strategy & has guaranteed the protection of tourists. Guarantees extend towards the welfare and health of guests arriving on their border. President Luis Abinader stated that their goal with this strategy is to facilitate the recovery of international tourism, promoting growth in the Dominican Republic’s job sector & overall economy. Through this strategy, it’ll become easier to sustain future development in the Caribbean nation.

Health experts in the Dominican Republic are assisting President Luis Abinader on how hotels & resorts can protect workforces/tourists. The primary tool being used is becoming an internationally certified health protocol, with that being tourists having to receive a PCR COVID-19 Test back in their home nation. That test must reveal a negative infection. If tourists start showing symptoms on their flight to the Dominican Republic, then they’ll be forced to take another PCR Test at on-site airport testing facility.

Plan & Act

The Dominican Republic’s Minister of Tourism revealed that new administrations are being implemented into the “Dominican Republic’s Hotel & Tourism Association”. This newly formed sub-administration will focus on understanding the concerns of tourists entering their nations. Employed workforces under the sub-administration will then find solutions for these concerns, creating a safer & more reliable tourism market for international visitors.

President Luis Abinader stated that health experts & the DRHTA are confident that by working with the government, they’ll maintain the tools needed to overcome pandemic challenges. It should be mentioned that resuming international tourism in the Dominican Republic is an important priority, with the industry accounting for a large percentage of their workforce & yearly GDP. Evoking these measures is another step towards bridging the gap of lowered tourist numbers in 2020.