The Largest Sports Stadiums Situated in Asia

Attending a stadium to watch sports is an extremely popular past-time in Asia. There are numerous stadiums located in Asia with different levels of capacity. Most of the stadiums in Asia have expanded in size to accommodate more spectators. In fact, you will find more than 220 stadiums across all Asian countries. All of them boast with a capacity that can take more than 30,000 spectators and you will be able to watch baseball, athletics, cricket, and football at these stadiums. Let’s take a look at the largest stadiums located in Asia.

Rungrado 1st of May Stadium

Situated in Pyongyang, North Korea, the Rungrado 1st of May Stadium is considered the world’s largest stadium boasting a capacity of 150,000. This multi-purpose stadium primarily hosts athletic and football matches. However, it also plays host to Arirang Festivals. The name stems from the location and the date it was constructed. Most of the event that take place at the stadium occur on the main pitch which stretches over 242,000 square feet. The total area of the stadium covers more than 2.2 million square feet. This stadium is renowned for celebrations and performances of Kim II Sung.

National Stadium, Bukit Jalil

This National stadium boasts with a capacity of 110,000 and is situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This multi-purpose stadium was initially constructed in 1998 and played host to the Commonwealth Games in the same year. Once the Commonwealth Games were over, the Malaysian national team decided to make it their home ground. Its capacity of 110,000 makes it the 24th biggest stadium in the world and the second biggest stadium when it comes to football. The facilities introduced at this stadium include video screen board, matrix scoreboards, warm-up track, synthetic track, and a grass pitch.

Sheikh Kamal International Stadium

This is a newly constructed cricket stadium that is operated and owned by the Bangladesh Cricket Board. Situated in Cox Bazar, the stadium boasts with a capacity of 100,000 and is mainly used for cricket matches. The first event that was held at the stadium was the Women’s ODI match on 5 March 2014 between Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Shah Alam Stadium

Situated in Sha Alam, Malaysia, the stadium boasts with a capacity of 81,144 and is primarily used for a wide variety of football games. However, it can also be used for athletics and other track and field games. Construction started back in 1990 and only finished four years later in 1994. It’s one of the primary landmarks on Sha Alam due to its beautiful architecture and size. The stadium is home to the PKNC FC who currently plays in the Malaysian League.

Other Notable Stadiums in Asia

There’s also a wide range of other stadiums that boasts with a huge capacity, including the Guangdong Olympic Stadium with a capacity of 80,012, the Beijing National Stadium with a capacity of 80,000, and the Azadi Stadium that boasts with a capacity of 78,116.