The Most Unusual Sports from Around the World

Mainstream sports look completely outdated when you compare it to different sporting events like toe wrestling or wife carrying. These aren’t even the craziest sporting events that are out there in the world. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the sports that are truly unusual and weird from across the globe.

Wife Carrying

Most men will complain about removing their wives from their backs. However, not in this sport. The sport originates from Finland, and it consists of men carrying their wives on their backs in a race to see who can complete the obstacle course the fastest. The prize in the annual Wife Carrying Championship on North America is beer in the weight of the wife.

Chess Boxing

This sport sounds exactly as the name suggests. It’s mostly a hybrid of checkmating and knocking out your opponent. The battle features a total of 11 rounds where competitors will alternate between boxing and playing chess. Sounds quite ridiculous, right?

Cheese Rolling

This event occurs at Cooper’s Hill situated in Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom and its known as the annual Cheese-Rolling event. This is how it works. A large cheese wheel will be rolling down a steep hill while competitors race against each other to reach it first. The first competitor to make it down the mountain will receive the cheese wheel as a prize.

Extreme Ironing

Performance art or extreme sport? This probably has both. The competitors in this sport refer to themselves as ironists where each of them makes their way to remote locations to iron clothes in the strangest positions. This chose been accomplished while skiing, underwater, snowboarding, hanging from cliffs, and performing it while driving.

Egg Throwing

As per the World Egg Throwing Federation, the sport of egg throwing has been regarded as a sport that is enjoyed by millions since humans discovered the joy of watching someone fail at catching an egg that has been tossed. There’s an annual egg throwing event that will allow eggheads to throw an egg where another opponent needs to grab it to win. The event usually takes place in England each year.

Underwater Hockey

Ice hockey, field hockey, and now we have underwater hockey. This is also referred to as Octopush and is a sport that is played across the globe where two teams attempt to push a puck across a swimming pool floor with sticks into the opposing goal. The sport even boasts with a World Championship that was initially established in 1980.

Shin Kicking

This sport takes manliness to an entirely different level. The sport originated during the early 17th century in England and involved two opponents that try to kick each other in the shin until one of them hits the ground. There’s even a World Championship for shin kicking that takes place every year at Dover’s Hill. If you are interested in participating in this event and kicking someone in the shin, this is how you can do it