The springbok Experience Rugby Museum

Rugby is a much-celebrated sport in South Africa. Every year, hundreds and thousands of rugby enthusiasts put their money on Rugby betting to find their luck with the sport. In such a passionate world, the Springbok Experience Rugby Museum offers rugby aficionados a chance to walk through the story of Rugby and cherish the great achievements and memories of the sport,

About Springbok Experience Rugby Museum:

Springbok Experience Rugby Museum was opened on 24 September 2013 in Cape Town. It took no time for this museum to reach the heights of fame and success. The museum garnered great popularity and earned a nomination for the international accolade. Rugby is like a heritage to South African people and this museum gave the sport a respected spot that was much deserved. Imagine an exclusive museum dedicated to Rugby where you find one of the best experiences of Rugby that too in a much interactive way. Well, Springbok Experience Rugby Museum is exactly what makes your imaginations come true.

The unique side of Rugby:

While you may have visited a few Rugby museums, this one is entirely different. You do not have to go through just the plain memorabilia but the visitors are offered a chance to participate in a trial test. A virtual coach guides you through the sport as you enjoy testing your reactions, fitness levels and enjoy all the kicks that the sport has to offer.

The interactive level of the museum is of the highest level. You can access the interactive touch screens and more than 20 audiovisual exhibits that walk you through the history of Rugby in South Africa.

A place for all:

As fun and interactive as this place could be, it is also a place for the entire family to enjoy. Besides offering interactive Rugby experience, it also runs many educational programs where your kids can learn. You can explore the collection of various memorabilia including famous trophies, jerseys, boots, etc. of celebrated Rugby players and tell the stories behind them to your kids. The museum also allows us to organize corporate events and make them Rugby centric.

Sadly, the museum is permanently closed because of cost-effective measures. However, in its lifetime, the museum did what it was intended for. It gave the best experience of Rugby to its lovers. The visitors of the Springbok Experience Rugby Museum witnessed an era where the story of Black Rugby was narrated loud and clear.