Things To Do In New York City for New Arrivals and Tourists

A magnificent trip to the Big Apple is certainly a dream come true for most people who haven’t experienced the thrill and excitement of the city that never seems to sleep. However, for those that are planning their first trip to New York City will be overwhelmed by the vast selection of things to do, regardless of how long your trip might be. Therefore, we decided to list the top things to do during your New York City adventure to make things a little easier for you when you arrive.

Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

All the locals love the bridge due to the fact that it provides so much freedom, while tourist immediately fall in love with it due to its unbelievable skyline views. Whether you decide to go on your own or join a Brooklyn Bridge Tour, this is definitely something you shouldn’t miss while visiting New York City.

Walking Tours by Foot

There is a wide variety of tours available in New York City, including guided, self-guided, free, and even GPS-enabled tours with audio on each and every neighbourhood in the Big Apple. Apart from the Brooklyn Bridge, you can also enjoy Central Park, Greenwich Village, and Harlem tours for free.

Witness the Breath-taking skyline of NYC

For panoramic views and incredible vistas, we highly recommend visiting one of the observation decks in NYC, including the Top of the Rock situated at Rockefeller Centre, the One World Observatory located atop the Freedom Tower, or the Empire State Building. Each of them has their own unique vintage point and only requires a small fee to see something you’ve never seen before.

Eat Like a New Yorker

There are tons of sensational places situated in New York that will allow you to taste some of the most delicious food in the world without having to break the bank. We highly suggest trying iconic New York food, including knishes, pastrami, bagels, and pizza. There’s also a vast range of restaurants that will offer mouth-watering dishes at a really affordable price.
Visit the 9/11 Memorial

Situated in a spacious, simplistic open plaza, this memorial was designed for the lives that were lost during the 9/11 attack and is an essential feature that cannot be avoided in New York City. Its gigantic twin foundations is a must-see when it comes to architectural wonder. What’s even more impressive is that you can visit it for free.

Visit Ellis Island and Lady Liberty

There’s no denying that this is one of the most popular things to do while visiting New York City. However, most aren’t aware that they will need around 5 hours to successfully visit both islands. However, the time spent is definitely worth it. You will need to take a boat cruise to both islands and that alone makes it worth it thanks to the unbelievable views. There are various companies that offer tours to beat both the crowds and security, making it more convenient for you too.