Top-Rated European Tourism Destinations for 2020

The 2020 European World Travel Awards announced which destinations received awards for this year. Deciding the best contenders wasn’t easy for judges, with Covid-19 having to be considered into account. The Winners Day List including multiple nations from the European Union, including Portugal. Awards were gifted to Moscow to “Europe’s Leading City Destination” & “Europe’s Leading Heritage Destination”. However, Portugal defeated all European nations by acquiring the “Europe Leading Destination” award.

Follow-up countries were selected for additional awards, including Istanbul being awarded “Europe’s Leading Hotel”. This award was gifted to the Ciragan Kempinski Palace in Istanbul. Complimentary rewarded were also given to Sardinia & Greece, both receiving different iterations of the leading resort award. It should be noted that Italy saw numerous awards for innovation in their tourism sectors, winning an award for maintaining Europe’s most prominent & recent hotel. Italy would see an identical reward gifted for retaining the best resort in Europe. Judges reviewing over the 2020 European World Travel Awards spent twelve months determining the winners.

Voting Begins

Judges provided voters with viable options, with those voting being industry insiders with prominent information regarding tourism. High-scale members of the public regularly engaging in non-essential travel were asked to make a vote. Those votes were tallied, with judges making the final decision. Winning locations were all selected by individuals that voted, with judging authorities feeling no changes were required.

The World Travel Awards Founder, Graham Cooke, spoke on the virtual awards ceremony. He’d express that winning nations provide exceptional tourism & travel sectors that deserve praise. Founder Cooke congratulated those involved in winning these awards, remarking that they showed what the future of tourism has to offer. It should be noted that voting percentages were higher than ever before, with Graham Cooke expressing his pleasure in seeing more tourists getting involved with the World Travel Awards.

Portugal received the highest influx of rewards throughout the 2020 European World Travel Awards. It shows how the nation has changed drastically in recent years, becoming a powerhouse for international tourism. Multiple other countries have received awards for their prominent seaside resorts, exploration option, tourist activities, and numerous other sectors.