Tyson Fury Dominated Deontay Wilder

The United Kingdom’s Tyson Fury packed in a solid performance on Saturday night in Las Vegas against Deontay Wilder in his heavyweight championship bout and earned TKO victory for his efforts.

The rematch was highly anticipated and saw Fury taking complete control in the latter part of the first round and kept control of it through to the end. That saw the Brit putting Wilder down on the mat twice and in the process drawing blood before the fight was stopped in the seventh round by the referee.

Fury took advantage of his extra reach to get the upper hand on Wilder hitting him first more times than not. In the third round, that advantage saw Fury landing a shot to the left ear of Wilder that dropped him to the floor. While he managed to recover, his legs were gone for the remainder of the fight.

Wilder also saw the mat up close in the fourth round after Fury nailed him with a round of body shots and then in the seventh backed him into the corner with a blistering round of punches before the fight was stopped.

Fury the stronger of the two

Fury entered the bout with an advantage over Wilder, who at 6ft, 2 inches and 231 pounds, was the smaller than Fury, who stands at six feet, nine inches and 253 pounds. The giant from the UK was on the defensive right from the get-go trying to connect with jabs against Fury but never seemed able to be effective in getting the punches to connect while dealing with Fury’s constant jabs.

While Fury lost a point in the fifth round for pushing and grabbing, two of the judges awarded all seven rounds to Fury while one gave the third round to Wilder. The reality is, Fury, packed some weight onto his frame before the fight and stated that he would change his style and come in with big punches. He lived up to that and then some and made it look easy against a fighter who had not lost a match in twelve years.

The problem for Wilder was simply not being able to use his right hand, one of his best assets, and when he came close, Fury just kept on moving forward. In comparison to the last fight between the two when Wilder put Fury down twice, Saturday’s fight was clearly one Fury intended to win.
The fight also saw a sellout crowd attending the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas and generates in excess of $17m fin ticket sales and the same is expected once PPV results roll in. The result is, while both were guaranteed to make $5 million, that amount could soar to as much as $40 million.