UK Adds Greek Islands to Travel Corridor List

Civilian personnel wanting to travel in the United Kingdom without isolation periods must engage with a nation on the “Travel Corridor List”. Nations are often being added & removed from this list, with their permittance dependant on the number of COVID-19 cases sustained in that respective country. Few locations with tropical settings in the European Union have been supported, meaning tourists in the United Kingdom have been limited. That’s changed with the announcement that Parliament has permitted the Greek Islands of Zakynthos, Lesvos, Serifos, Santorini, and Tinos have been granted permission onto the “Travel Corridor List”.

UK Parliament reviewed the extensive decrease of COVID-19 cases in Greece, reaching lower levels than Great Britain or Ireland. It should be mentioned that travelling to Greece or any nation has been permitted to UK Civilians. However, most returning tourists must commit to fourteen days of isolation. Countries under the “Travel Corridor List” don’t require an isolation period. Greece entered TCL Status on October 11th at 4:00 pm.

The Factors Considered

Risk assessments conducted by the National Health Service & UK Government showed that the Greek Islands impose minimal risk onto Great Britain or Ireland. Travellers from the Islands of Lesvos, Santorini, Serifos, Zakynthos, and Tinos don’t need to isolate unless feeling ill with symptoms of COVID-19. Travelling to these Islands requires a multitude of paperwork, including a PCR Test to prove a negative reading of COVID-19. PCR Tests must be conducted 72-Hours before a tourist arrives in Greece.

Permitted nations on the “Travel Corridor List” aren’t given exemptions exclusively because of their COVID-19 lowered cases. Additional factors are accounted for, including the testing capacity of that country. The potential trajectory of the virus is considered & the test positivity rate is also accounted for statistically. If nations can succeed past the requirement level on these factors, then permitted exemptions on isolation are granted through the “Travel Corridor List”.

It should be mentioned that the “UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office” has provided updated travel advice for the five Greek Islands. Advice includes wearing facemasks whenever indoors or unable to social distance at outdoor functions. It also recommends the consistent sanitation of yourself & boarding rooms.