UK Travel Ban Extended in Canada

Travel restrictions throughout the European Union & North America are being implemented against the United Kingdom. Bans were forced onto travel after Great Britain experienced prominent outbreaks of Covid Strain VUI-2020/21. The latest nation to implement travel restrictions onto Great Britain & Northern Ireland is Canada, who issued stern warnings to Canadians foolish enough to travel during the pandemic.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau helmed press conferences regarding the travel restrictions, first in English & then French. Details released by Trudeau emphasised that Canada has approved the Moderna Covid-19 Vaccination, with distribution of the first doses arriving by December 31st. Initial shipments won’t exceed past 168 thousand. However, the volume of available doses will increase tenfold by January 31st. There’ll be a combined 1.2 Million vaccines for Canadians, with both Pfizer & Moderna’s vaccinations receiving approval.

Justin Trudeau warned abroad Canadians that an immediate return home is required if located in the European Union. Outbreaks for Covid Variant VUI-2020/21 has grown across the Union, forcing Canada’s Prime Minister into evasive measures. Justin Trudeau isn’t stopping civilians from entering nations via car but has eliminated numerous international flights, including to Great Britain & Northern Ireland.

Statements backing the Moderna vaccination were issued by Health Canada. It’s guaranteed to civilians that overwhelming evidence suggests Moderna’s vaccination is safe & efficient, with similar results found for Pfizer. It should be mentioned that authorization for Canadians to obtain Covid vaccines required the minimum age of eighteen. Younger civilians aren’t permitted in becoming vaccinated.

Canadians can Travel to Britain on January 6th

When advising the travel restrictions implemented against the United Kingdom, Canada isn’t eliminating those bans until a minimum of January 6th. It’s considered a lacklustre approach, with European nations sustaining travel bans of 30+ days or more against Great Britain & Norther Ireland. Medical expects have pleased Prime Minister Justin Trudeau increasing the travel ban by three weeks to avoid Covid Variant VUI-2020/21.