Unusual Places To Visit in Europe

Have you ever visited the smallest towns across the globe or witnessed a lake that transforms into a park during the summer? Well, we decided to give you a comprehensive list of the most unusual places to visit in Europe and sincerely hope that it allows you to pack your bags and witness these incredible wonders of nature.

Tinto River, Spain

The Rio Tinto river flows through Huelva which is situated in southwest Spain. You might be wondering why this river is so special? Well, if you translate the name of the river to English, it means painted and it received its name due to the fact that its brick-red in colour. The area around the rover was mine for gold, copper, and other materials for centuries. Since then, high levels of dissolved iron resulted in the water turning extremely acidic.

Kjeragbolten, Norway

This is the perfect place where you’ll see how nature is truly unpredictable and magical. The Kjeragbolten is a glorious mountain rock which is located in Rogaland county within Norway. The boulder is positioned between two cliffs which boast with an altitude of 984 meters. This mountain rock is also an extremely popular destination for base jumping, but getting there is quite a task as some parts will require climbing equipment. Thankfully, once you reach the top you will notice that your hard work paid off as the view is absolutely incredible.

Hum, Croatia

Hum is considered the smallest town in the entire world although it definitely doesn’t look that way. The town was initially established during the 11th century and has managed to remain intact ever since, hence the name of the town. Hum only features two streets with a total of 30 residents. The town is renowned for its mistletoe schnapps as well as the brandy festival that occurs every October.

Giant’s Causeway, Ireland

This natural reserve situated in Bushmills, Northern Ireland is a magnificent wonder, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It contains around 40,000 basalt columns which are considered a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Even though these rocks are formed from a volcanic eruption, there’s still a famous legend stating that a giant built it, hence the name. The Causeway Tourist Centre was initially opened in 1986, allowing you to get more information about the site and have the opportunity to purchase souvenirs.

Popeye Village, Malta

Almost 40 years ago, this incredible village didn’t exist. However, thanks to Disney Productions who decided to utilize the site, the village was established to film the Popeye musical film. The construction of the village, named Sweetheaven, was greatly influenced by E.C Segar comics where Popeye returns to find his father. These days, the village is extremely popular due to the family fun park where adults and children can meet Wimpy, Olive, and Popeye. Visitors can even look forward to a remarkable boat ride every single week. Entering the park will set you back €16, but you will have access to all activities within the park for that price.