William Byron Wins 4th NASCAR iRacing Event

NASCAR moved towards a new format amidst the novel coronavirus, understanding that the logistical costs and challenges associated with trying to hold conventional races would outweigh their revenue streams. It prompted organizers to create a specialized iRacing Series, maintained through the Simulator Title of the same name. Throughout the four venues that’ve taken place in the NASCAR iRacing Series, it’s been William Byron showcasing notable talents. Byron and all other drivers competing in this specialized series are using unique racing setups, showcasing their genuine racing seats and wheels.

Most weren’t anticipating that William Byron would come in 1st for the third time, with those individuals being wrong after he passed Timmy Hill with several laps remaining. Held at the Dover International Speedway, this Hendrick Motorsports Driver is becoming the most notable selection for sports bettors engaging with this virtual series. His performance has allowed hundreds of others to win thousands or more during a time when finances are drastically necessary.

William Byron wasn’t able to maintain three consecutive wins, with Alex Bowman striking his record at the Virtual Talladega Superspeedway on iRacing. Before being defeated by Alex, William Byron took pole position at the Richmond and Bristol Motor Speedways. When it applies to Hendrick Motorsports, their thrilled because they’ve won four races back-to-back, their performance has resembled similar skillsets in real-life venues.

Wants & Desires

When questioned on his thoughts regarding Sim Racing, William Byron noted his enjoyment towards the platform but desire to return to conventional racing. This desire has outgrown his expectation, with Byron wanting to experience even the simplistic form of racing with Box Cars.

The notable winner won’t obtain these desires for a prolonged period, with NASCAR still having their seasonal races postponed for an indefinite period. They’ve been suspended since March 13th, and the virtual methods have experienced multiple problems, including racers having their children brother them while competing at home. The requirement for standard NASCAR is growing each day for these competitors.

Where to Watch

Those wanting to receive regular updates regarding the NASCAR iRacing Series are recommended to follow their respective social media accounts, including Twitter and Facebook. All four races are available to watch on YouTube for anybody wanting to catch-up on William Byron’s pole position victories.