World’s Greatest Rugby Stadiums

How does one determine a fantastic rugby stadium? Does the atmosphere contribute on match day, the design and architecture, the features of the stadium, the capacity, the fans, or perhaps the intimidating nature? We believe it’s a mixture of everything mentioned above which makes the ultimate rugby stadium. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the greatest rugby stadiums from around the world.

The Millennium Stadium – Cardiff

With a capacity of 74,500, the Millennium Stadium is a modern stadium that has been superbly constructed. It was initially built for the Rugby World Cup in 1999 and played host to several football games and major concerts. The high-end feature of the stadium is the retractable roof, and even though it doesn’t come with an intimidating factor or history, it’s quite remarkable to see the Welsh National Anthem being played during match day.

Ellis Park – Johannesburg

Ellis Park boasts with a capacity of 62,567 and is renowned for the World Cup in 1995. It’s also the stadium where New Zealand had their worst record to date. Ellis Park offers the most intimidating atmosphere from all other Rugby stadiums, and the altitude plays into the hands of the hosts. It’s the home of Lions Super Rugby and provides loads of memorable international games. It was renovated during the World Cup in 2010 and remains a hostile environment for rugby players across the globe.

Eden Park – Auckland

As the home of New Zealand rugby, Eden Park offers a seating capacity of 50,000. No one will forget the impressive and long winning streak that New Zealand is currently enjoying which is also the place where 3 World Cup finals took place over the years. It’s the largest stadium in the country and worth a visit if you ever in New Zealand. It also hosts a wide variety of other sporting events, such as cricket and concerts.

Twickenham – London

The huge multi-purpose stadium in London impresses with a capacity of 82,000 and is the only stadium that hosts all international matches when England plays. It’s considered the second largest stadium in the United Kingdom, and apart from rugby it also hosts a vast selection of music concerts. This is the stadium where South Africa suffered their worst defeat to date when they lost 53-3 during 2002.

Stade de France – Paris

This sizeable multi-purpose stadium in Paris comes with a seating capacity of 81,338 and is most famous for the FIFA World Cup in 1998. It also plays host to the rugby union games. When the stadium is filled, it provides an intimidating and intense atmosphere that gives a considerable advantage to the home team. The stadium is one of the best hunting grounds for South Africa who has enjoyed several victories over the years.

Loftus Versfeld – Pretoria

With a capacity of 51,762, the stadium situated in South Africa is one of the most intense stadiums for visitors when it comes to Rugby. The stadium also plays host to a wide range of other sporting events, including concerts and the FIFA World Cup.